Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is one of the fastest growing sports in America and Rock Creek Ranch has the facility with an assortment of clay trap machines to support this sport. Our unique terrain allows for a wide variety of clay target presentations, including downhill and overhead shots, vertical teals, chondels and rabbits. We pride ourselves in changing the course frequently to challenge our customers. The course was designed by Dan Mitchell, one of the most respected Course Designers in the Sporting Clays industry.

Our facility supports a covered 5-stand layout with 7 alternating stations which can be used both in practice and registered shoots and 2 competitive courses totalling 21 stations in scenic rolling hills.
The Club House facility is designed for both comfort and beauty. You can enjoy our 1200-foot covered deck with views of local scenic mountains and full view course observation. The check in counter can be accessed from both outside window or the inside counter to expedite a speedy registration.

​Company Events & Fundraisers

Little Trapper is committed to making your company meeting or gathering second to none at Rock Creek Ranch located in the scenic foothills above the Boise Valley. Enjoy spectacular views of nature and surrounding mountains located just a few miles from the city of Eagle Idaho. With the help of AVIMOR development we can provide the use of a class A conference and meeting room for small to large groups. This can provide you the flexibility to conduct your meeting at either their location or at our Clubhouse. Your meeting can also include a catered lunch at either location or a good old fashioned outdoor barbeque at our facility.

​Little Trapper is pleased to assist you in scheduling a productive day of fun and excitement at Rock Creek Ranch, enjoying and experiencing the scenic beauty at our facility while shooting sporting clays. Please contact us for more information at 208-996-3555 or email us at [email protected] to review the details of our programs and availability for an unforgettable experience.


Since moving from California to Idaho in June 2022, Cat and Nick Berry have been operating Rock Creek Ranch, a heavenly 308-acre piece of property located in the beautiful rolling hills 30 minutes North of Boise, and learning the range owner job.  During their first short season and thanks to the customers’ amazing support, they have welcomed a few thousand guests, hosted dozens of events (fundraisers, corporate events, leagues, youth clinics, coaching sessions and registered shoots including the Idaho State Championship and the club’s first signature shoot, the Little Trapper Cup) and thrown more than half a million clay targets.  

With the help of some great people and companies who believed in their project, Cat and Nick were able to take off on their own and make their dream to grow Little Trapper Inc., their family business, come true: Rock Creek Shooting is now part of Little Trapper Inc.

Their focus is to make Rock Creek Shooting a welcoming place for their customers, students and friends and one of the most attractive shooting destinations in the country.  They truly believe in the limitless potential of this incredible piece of property and are currently working on different interesting projects there.

They will host the 2nd Little Trapper Cup from May 4th to 7th, 2023 (with $20,000+ added money) and the 2023 Idaho State Super Sporting Championship from July 28th to 30th, 2023 among other events.  The club also aims at hosting major Fitasc and regional events there in the future and hopes for the overall support of the shooting community down the road.

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