Common Glock 42 problems + How to Fix

Glock 42 problems

Let’s talk about the Glock 42, that small but mighty hero of the concealed carry world. It’s sleek, it’s trusty, but, you know, it’s had its moments. Remember the buzz back in 2022? And now, here we are in 2023, still talking about it. 

Let’s sit down, get comfortable, and unpack some of the little bumps this pint-sized pistol has run into, and talk about how we can smooth them out.

Glock 42: Small Quirks, Big Affection

Ever had one of those days where your trusty Glock 42 decides to add a bit of suspense to your shooting? Let’s break down those moments, shall we?

The Jamming Chronicles

Glock 42 problems
IssueQuick Fix
Jamming ProblemsA little TLC: clean and lubricate regularly, and choose quality ammo.

What’s the Story? Jamming’s like an unexpected plot twist – not so much in shooting. Keeping your Glock 42 clean and being picky with your ammo choice can often flow smoothly.

The Aftermarket Adventures

Magguts ProblemsCompatibility is key. Sometimes the original is just the way to go.

Behind the Scenes: Upgrading with Magguts? It’s like dabbling in a bit of magic to extend your magazine capacity. Just remember, every spell needs the right incantation – or in this case, ensuring it’s a perfect match for your Glock 42 to avoid any hiccups.

The Recoil Spring Saga

Recoil Spring ProblemsWhen in doubt, replace it with an OEM spring to keep the action crisp.

Noticed your Glock 42’s recoil spring isn’t what it used to be? Swapping it out for a new one can often bring back that crisp, reliable performance we all adore.

The Limp Wrist Plot Twist

Technique IssueSolution
Limp Wrist ProblemsMaster your stance and grip for unwavering performance.

Limp wristing turning your shooting story sour? A bit of practice on your grip and stance turns this subplot around, ensuring your Glock 42’s reliability is the main character.

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The Ammo Feed Dilemma

Ammo Feed ProblemsHigh-quality ammo is like the perfect dialogue – it just flows.

Feeding issues? It could be your Glock 42 is just not speaking the same language as your ammo. Opting for higher quality rounds can often bridge this communication gap.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it – a little heart-to-heart about our compact friend, the Glock 42. Through the ups and downs of 2022 and into 2023, it’s clear every challenge is just a plot twist waiting for a resolution. With a bit of care, the right ammo, and maybe sticking to the original parts (unless you’re sure about the upgrade), the Glock 42 continues to be a reliable protagonist in our everyday carry tales.

Remember, every firearm has its quirks. But with understanding and a bit of maintenance, the Glock 42’s narrative is one of reliability, precision, and lasting companionship.

FAQs on the Glock 42

1. Are Glock 42s reliable?

Absolutely, the Glock 42 is known for its reliability, a hallmark of the Glock family. Its compact size and engineering are designed for consistent performance, especially in the realm of concealed carry.

Regular maintenance and using the right ammunition enhance its dependable nature.

2. Is Glock 43 better than 42?

The answer to whether the Glock 43 is “better” than the Glock 42 largely depends on personal preference and specific needs. The Glock 43 is a 9mm, offering more power and a slightly larger frame, making it preferred by those wanting a bit more stopping power in a still compact form. 

The Glock 42, on the other hand, is a .380 ACP, prized for its smaller size and reduced recoil, making it ideal for shooters with smaller hands or those looking for a highly concealable option.

3. How powerful is a Glock 42?

The Glock 42 is chambered in .380 ACP, a caliber that is considered less powerful than the 9mm but still effective for close-range self-defense. Its power is sufficient for its intended use as a concealed carry or backup gun, with the advantage of being easier to handle and shoot accurately for many users.

4. What are the problems with Glocks?

While Glocks are renowned for their reliability, they are not without issues. Commonly discussed problems across various models may include:

  • Ejection issues, with spent casings not clearing properly.
  • Feed reliability, particularly with certain types of ammunition.
  • Grip ergonomics, which some shooters find less comfortable without modification.
  • The trigger feel, which might not suit all shooters’ preferences.

5. What are the common problems with Glock 42?

The Glock 42, while a popular choice for concealed carry, has had its share of reported issues, including:

  • Jamming problems, particularly when not cleaned regularly or when using certain ammo.
  • Magazine extension woes, where aftermarket extensions may cause reliability issues.
  • Recoil spring problems, affecting the cycling of the firearm.
  • Limp wristing issues, leading to failures to feed or eject properly.
  • Ammo feed problems, where the gun might not feed certain types of .380 ACP ammunition reliably.

6. Has Glock fixed the problems with the Glock 42?

Glock continuously works to improve their firearms, and many issues can be mitigated or resolved with factory updates, proper maintenance, and using recommended ammunition. 

For specific problems, contacting Glock customer service or a certified armourer can provide solutions or necessary repairs.

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