Glock 44: A Journey Through Its Ups and Downs

Glock 44 problems

Hey everyone! Let’s talk about the Glock 44, a pretty cool gun that’s caught the eye of many shooters. It’s known for being super accurate and easy to carry around, making it a favourite for lots of people. 

But, like any good story, the Glock 44 has had its fair share of ups and downs since it came out. Today, we’re going to look at what’s been happening with it, especially focusing on some issues that popped up in 2023 and how they’ve been tackled.

Quick Peek: What’s Been Going On with the Glock 44

Here’s a quick look at some problems that Glock 44 owners have run into and what’s been tackeld.

Glock 44
Ejection IssueA thorough cleaning or ammo switch-up can often send them flying.
Feeding ProblemClean magazines and premium bullets can turn shy rounds into party animals.
Recall IssueStay informed and follow Glock’s guidance to navigate this twist smoothly.
Accuracy AmbiguitiesPractice, sight adjustments, and refining your stance can unveil the mystery.
Trigger TribulationsCustomizing with aftermarket options or professional tuning can cut the suspense.

Diving Deeper: Understanding the Glock 44

Ejection Issue

Have you ever felt that tiny moment of “what now?” after pulling the trigger, only to see the used casing not flying away as it should? It’s like it’s got stage fright and just won’t leave the spotlight. It’s pretty common but totally fixable.


Often, this can be sorted with a thorough clean or switching up your ammo. It’s akin to finding the right key for a lock – once you’ve got it, everything clicks into place.

Feeding Problem

Ever felt the anticipation for the next round, but it just won’t budge, kind of like a snack stuck in a vending machine? That’s the Glock 44 sometimes—it can be picky about feeding the next bullet.

It’s a bit like coaxing a stubborn cat from its hiding spot, challenging yet solvable!


Keeping your magazines spick and span and opting for high-quality bullets can make a world of difference. It’s all about ensuring a smooth journey from magazine to chamber.

Recall Issue

The word “recall” might sound scary. But really, it’s a positive step. It shows Glock is all about safety and making sure your gun works perfectly. Think of it like a quick check-up to keep your Glock 44 running smoothly.


Keeping up to date with Glock’s guidance and any recall notices ensures your firearm stays in tip-top shape. Think of it as a health check-up for your Glock 44, keeping it running smoothly for years to come.

Accuracy Ambiguities

Ever aimed at a target and missed, even though you were sure you’d hit the bullseye? That’s the puzzle of accuracy for you. 

Sometimes, shooting with the Glock 44 feels like trying to hit a pinata blindfolded – you know you’re close, but you can’t seem to smack the sweet spot. It could be the sights aren’t lined up just right for your eyes, or maybe it’s about getting used to the Glock’s unique feel.


The key here is practice and possibly tweaking your sights or stance. It’s about finding the sweet spot where everything aligns perfectly, enhancing your shooting accuracy.

Trigger Tribulations

Triggers are as personal as your handwriting. If the Glock 44’s trigger doesn’t quite match your style, it can throw off your groove and can feel awkward. It’s all about finding that perfect match where every pull feels natural


Exploring aftermarket triggers or seeking a professional’s touch can transform your shooting experience. It’s about customising your Glock to fit you just right, ensuring each pull is as satisfying as hitting a home run.

In Conclusion

Tackling these common Glock 44 quirks is part of the journey of firearm ownership. With a dash of maintenance, a sprinkle of customization, and a good dose of practice, you’ll find yourself mastering your Glock 44 in no time. 

Remember, every issue has a solution, and with the right approach, your Glock 44 will continue to be a reliable companion on all your shooting adventures. Stay safe, and enjoy the thrill of the range!

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Glock 44 FAQs

Can you trust a Glock 44 or is it reliable?
Absolutely! The Glock 44 is built to be just as reliable as its Glock family. Even though it faced some early snags, those have been mostly ironed out, making it a reliable choice for shooting fun or practice.

Will the Glock 44 jam?
Like any gun, the Glock 44 might jam occasionally. This usually happens if it’s not cleaned properly or if the bullets aren’t the best fit. A bit of cleaning and picking the right ammo should sort that out.

What do people use the Glock 44 for?
You can use the Glock 44 for lots of things like target practice, casual shooting, or helping new shooters get comfortable. It’s easy to use and doesn’t cost a lot to shoot.

Have they fixed the Glock 44?
Yes, Glock made some tweaks based on user feedback on Reddit, Quora and forums. Now, the Glock 44 works much better, with many of its initial problems solved.

How can I hit my target better?
Practice is key! Also, adjusting how you aim or stand can make a big difference. Sometimes, the smallest changes can improve your accuracy.

Why practice with a Glock 44?
It’s a great way to practice without spending a lot on ammo. Plus, it feels a lot like the bigger Glock models, so you can get used to the Glock style of shooting.

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